Frequently Asked Questions

The futures and commodities data is combined session data if available. What does this mean?

Many futures markets have an overnight electronic session in addition to the daily pit trading session. The combined trading session data consists of the open from the overnight session and the close from the following day's pit trading session. The high and the low can occur during either of these two sessions.

What is a Continuous futures contract?

A continuous contract is created by your data provider. At the most basic level, it consists of data from individual futures contracts that are "spliced together" to form an unbroken stream of data. This data may or may not be back-adjusted to smooth out the price gaps that occur between trading sessions. Traders who require a great deal of historical data for analysis may find it convenient to use continuous contracts.

What is a Cash contract?

This data represents the cash or spot price and does not represent future prices. It is the price you would pay if you purchased the commodity or financial instrument right now.

Forex markets are traded nearly 24 hours a day. What times does TradersOnly use to represent each day’s open and close?

Open: 5:00 PM ET
Close: 4:59 PM ET the following day

Once I pay how quickly can I access data?

Immediately following signup, the data will be available for download. Upon signup your username and password or authentication information will be entered into VantagePoint allowing you to grab market data immediately.

If I do not want to pay annually, can I pay monthly?

We do have a monthly option, however most customers choose the annual plans because of the built in savings. If you want to go monthly, the cost is $45.00 per month with a $60.00 set-up fee.

How many years of historical data do I receive?

  • Futures: 10 years nearby futures, cash
  • 2 years individual futures
  • U.S. equities: 2 years
  • International equities: 2 years

Do you have a return policy?

Yes, the Licensed Package may be returned for a partial refund (excluding a $50.00 refund processing fee) provided that Licensee contacts TradersOnly by Email or telephone during its normal business hours within three (3) calendar days of purchase to facilitate the deactivation of TradersOnly Software from Licensee’s computer. After that time no refunds are available.

Is this subscription an auto renewal?

Yes. For your convenience and to ensure uninterrupted data service, your original purchase of the TradersOnly Data subscription is set up for an automatic renewal. Approximately ten (10) days prior to the expiration date, TradersOnly will automatically charge the credit card you provided for a renewed Subscription Term. If at any time you would like to cancel the automatic renewal process you may do so at your discretion by logging into your TradersOnly account and turning this feature off. Renewal terms are outlined in section 21 of the TradersOnly License Agreement.

What is the source of the prices given for Forex data?

There is no centralized exchange for cash foreign exchange markets. TradersOnly supplies mixed source data, meaning that it comes from a variety of large banks around the world. Because there is no centralized exchange, price quotes may vary depending on source.

Do I need to do anything special to accommodate for stock splits?

TradersOnly will provide historically adjusted data as early as the day following the split. The adjusted data will be obtained automatically as the result of an end-of-day download. You will not have to do anything special in these cases.