Market Data Coverage

Specializing in providing accurate & timely global market data

Our historical and end-of-day market data serves the needs of traders, investors, and money-management professionals around the world.

Our End-of-Day U.S and global market data covers:

  • Futures & Commodities
  • Foreign Exchange (Forex)
  • US Stocks
  • Canadian Stocks
  • UK Stocks
  • Australian Stocks
  • Indian Stocks
  • ETFs

Historical Data Included with TradersOnly DataCenter

    TradersOnl DataCenter
  • Futures: 2 years nearby futures, cash
  • 2 years individual futures
  • U.S. equities: 2 years
  • International equities: 2 years

The Historical Data Included with TradersOnly DataCenter is customized to meet the requirements of VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software

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